Interview: Zephyra

Interview with Åsa Netterbrant, the vocalist of the Swedish Melodic Groove/Metalcore band Zephyra.

By: Carla Morton


Hi Asa, how are you?
Hey Carla! I am just fine, thanks! Busy with all the Zephyra work, but loving it! I am on my first day of vacation tomorrow!

When Zephyra was formed?
Zephyra began it´s journey back in 2009, but we started up officially in 2011.

”Mental Absolution” was the band’s first album released last year. How the recordings went so far?
Yes, ‘Mental Absolution’ was released in december, and we are very proud to have released our debut album. The recordings took place in Italy, at Mathlab Recording Studio. We spent three chilly weeks in Prato, in the wonderful company of our producer Jonny and his studio assistant Lorenzo. Recording the album was a great experience.

 What can you tell me about the two EP’s?
Our first EP; ‘First Blood’ was produced in Borås. It was our first official release, and we were satisfied with it. I myself went through a lot of vocal practice for the EP, and learned a lot. Back then, I had just started to look into grunts and growls.

The second one; ‘Kämpaglöd’, was a self produced EP, which was the result of us going through some line up changes. While searching for two new members, me, Tony and Tobias decided to record some new material instead of just waiting. The Ep received some good reviews, and we began to find our style.

Did you receive good reviews about the album?
‘Mental Absolution’ have been well met. We have received good words especially about the diversity of the songs. That´s a great thing to hear, cause that´s how we want Zephyra to sound.

What are the lyrical themes?
The lyrics are all about self experienced emotions. From burnouts to failure and disappointment.


Are you going to tour this year?
We have been playing some festivals and gigs so far, and we have some left. Though, we are in a creative phase right now, and a lot of news are coming up.

Are you going to release new materials soon?
Oh, yes! We are currently working on new songs for an upcoming album. The Zephyra camp is busy, busy, busy! More to find if you stay updated on our Facebook band page.

Do you have a message for the fans?
Of course. Hang in there, and you´ll get some pretty nice news. And guys and guylettes:  the greatest thanks for the support! Keep it up! See you out there!

Thank you Asa, all the best!
You are most welcome! Thank you Carla!

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