Music Review: Cradle of Filth CD: Hammer of the Witches


By: Scott Foster

Label: Nuclear Blast

Available: July 10, 2015

Official Websites

OK, another black metal band has come across my virtual desk. This time it’s British metal band Cradle of Filth. Full disclosure: I’ve heard mention of Cradle of Filth, but have never given them a listen before. Why? Well, as has been said before, black metal was never really my thing. It is growing on me a bit, though. Now I get to listen to it as presented by a band that is well established in the genre.

Cradle of Filth helps with that growing on bit by having lyrics that I can actually understand. The vocals across the album range from raging screams, to haunting and lofty. At times the songs border perilously on the edge of symphonic metal. Which I’m a huge fan of. If you’re not a fan, don’t worry. We’re not talking a cross over or anything. Just hints.

What does not really come across on the album (limitation of the media) is how the band blends their visuals in to the music. When you visit their web site and Facebook page you see that the band has created images for themselves which blend heavy metal and occult. My impression from browsing their photos is that they would put on one hell of a concert. If their live presence matches the energy that comes across in this album, then I imagine they have quite a bit of fun on stage and can really get the crowd going.

I suppose one big question might be “would longtime fans of Cradle of Filth dig this album?” Well, as this is my first exposure to them I can’t really say for sure. But I doubt they would have enjoyed such longevity without consistently putting out music that people are interested in hearing. I do think that anyone who was curious about black metal would find this album a good entry. It’s high energy with superb musicianship, by a band that really seems to love what they’re doing.


Dani Filth – vocals

Richard Shaw – guitars

Ashok – guitars

Daniel Firth – bass

Lindsay Schoolcraft – keys

Martin Skaroupa – drums

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