Interview: F.U.A

Interview with Sander, the drummer of the Dutch Punk/Rock band.


Hi Sander, how are you?

I am fine, thanks for asking.

Tell me when F.U.A was formed?

F.U.A. was formed in 2011 when a couple of friends come together with a passion for music and we tried to create a band.

 You have released last year self-titled album. Tell me about it.

Well the first album was more a record to promote our band. A lot of people want to have our music but we have nothing so when we’ll jump in a studio to record a whole album. I call it more a demo.

 Who mainly writes the lyrics?

Our singer Daphne writes all the lyrics.

Are you going to release new materials soon?

Yes we are going in november to record a real full album. We will record it in the same place where Death metal band Last Fear and PPTA record their albums.We re-recorded also a few songs of the first record (demo) ,songs like Angry Man, Wankers In Blue and of course other sick cool new songs.

 What are the band’s influences?

We have so much influences because we are all different people with different musical backgrounds.I am more a Thrash/Black metal guy, other band members like more so called new metal Punk and all kinds of music. We do what we want, it’s not all the same, we have songs with Thrash parts, Punk rock and even some Pop.

 Any shows confirmed for this year?

Yes we have some shows coming up. All are small venues, we just started  booking shows ,we have a new guitar player so we have to teach him the set. So soon we are ready to destroy.

 Do you have a message for peolple who enjoy F.U.A?

Yeah I have a message to our fans. Thanks for supporting us and come to our shows and we hope to see you guys soon and also check out our website for more infos.

 Thank you Sander, cheers!

It was my pleasure!


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