Interview: RunQ of Turmion Katilot

Here is a quick interview with RunQ (keyboards and programming) of Turmion Katilot.


By: Carla Morton

Greetings RunQ, how things are going?

Busy, busy million dollar business. Our new abum is almost finished and still long way ahead, ha ha.

 At first, tell me the history how Turmion Katilot was founded.

MC Raaka Pee and  DJ Vastapallo put some little brains together early in 2000 and took a couple of drinks and play some weird harmonics and the rest is history.

 5 albums released until now, in September this year you will release the 6th album entitled ”Diskovibrator”. What can you tell me about it?

Nothing, hahhah! Well, little bit, it´s gonna be diamond for ever!

 Who mainly write the music in the band?

Nowdays mainly MC Raaka Pee and I doing the  compositions, Undertaker also had a couple of  thoughts for that shit. and whole band doing arrangements.

 Tell me a few words about the other albums.

Every album has “that time feelings” so I can´t tell any exact stories because we had been always so fucking drunk, haha!

 What are the influences that inspire you for Turmion Katilot?

Our wives!


Are there shows confirmed for this year?

Yep, we have our new album tour on september and it will continue almost  to christmas. Then maybe little break and perhaps we are going to do some european tour next spring. Stay tuned!

What do you think about the fans?

Without fans, there´s not us. We love You!

 Do you have a message for them?

You Fuckers and GraveDickers, Stay Drunk!

 Thank you RunQ, it was my pleasure, all the best!! 


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