Interview Feeding Lies


BY: Carla Morton

A new metal band founded in the Finnish underground metal scene, Feeding Lies, are trying to get more known and today by this first interview, they released their Single entitled ‘’Alone’’ where you can listen by clicking the link below. Feeding Lie’s drummer, Niko McNasty (also drummer in Tornado) answered my questions about the band and the future plans.

Hi Niko, how are you?

Hello Carla! I’m fine thanks! I’m excited for having this interview.

Tell me about Feeding Lies, when the band was founded?

The band was founded this February. We all were friends already when Teemu and Ilkka came up with this idea to set up a rock band and it didn’t take so long when rest of the band joined in.

You guys are a new band into metal scene, are you preparing a new album?

Today (16.7.2015) we published our very first single ‚’Alone’’ from our first EP and man, it sounds GREAT!We will release 2 more songs during this year.

What are the band’s influences?

We all have our personal influences and idols but as a band the three most important are Backyard Babies, Vains of Jenna and We Are Harlot.

Any lyrical themes?

At this point I had to call to Teemu because he and Ilkka mostly write lyrics. This is what Teemu said: “From the begining we had clear vision that we are not going to make “party rock” so the lyrics are mostly about how life is hard and society sucks. (Laughs)

Did you have shows since the band was founded or tell will be some soon?

With this group we haven’t played any gigs yet but right when we have enough material we will hit the stage!

How do you think will be the future of Feeding Lies?

So bright that you need sunglasses inside! *laughs*. But yea.. We are constantly writing new material and running things forward. You will hear about us soon!

Do you have a message for people?

Go listen our new single “Alone” on bandcamp and like us on facebook! You can see all you need in there!

Thank you Niko, cheers!

I and the rest of the Feeding Lies thanks you and wishes you all the best, cheers!


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