Music Review Xandria EP: Fire & Ashes

By: Callum (CJ) Lavender
Label: Napalm Records
Available: 31st July 2015
Official Website:
Hey all do you remember the Sacrificum album by Xandria last year? It was fairly good but not overly memorable. Well now they’ve come back with a new EP featuring new songs, remakes and interesting covers. So does this release do a bit more justice this time, well… Yes, a fair deal more. The songs leave more of an impression this time and they still show that there very capable musicians and singers. One thing that can be good for bands is that when they make EP’s they can be a bit more experimental and let rip. And despite my inbox being flooded with 200 albums it seems that a lot of bands are now preferring to do EP’s now anyway. This might be what makes the ideas they use here better performed this time around.

Now the covers: I wouldn’t want Xandria to be one of those bands who become famous for performing other peoples songs, but they are an interesting take on these one’s. I really enjoy the meatloaf cover, it was interesting to hear a woman singing the man’s parts and vice versa. I believe that even if your not a meatloaf fan you will like this version of the song (and let’s face it it’s not like he can sing it very well anymore, cause I saw him live in 2013). The Sonata Antartica song is fairly good as well, but I can’t comment to much on that because like the boss man I’m not overly big on Sonata Antartica (lot’s of good ideas but not done to well).
In my honest opinion I think that there are symphonic metal bands out there that do it better. But I do like Xandria on the whole and I hope that they can keep this momentum going. For all the British fans: this September Xandria and Powerwolf and performing on the same stage in london. It’s very VERY tempting.

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