Music Review: In Defence CD: Don’t Fuck With The Dungeon Master

IN DEFENCE - cover

BY: TJ Fowler

Label: Independent

Available: NOW

Official Websites


Have you been waiting for that band that has the humor of Tankard and the musical sensibilities of Exodus?!!  We neither have I but that is what I got with In Defense’s ‘Don’t Fuck with the Dungeon Master’.

When I first saw this album pop up in my promos I was immediately curious about it as I have always been a casual Dungeons & Dragons player and the cover looked pretty insane.  So I was like, ok let’s give this baby a spin.  And I have to say I am really happy I did.  What a great thrash album mixed with a blue collar ‘dude’ humor.

With song titles like ‘Tacos till Death’, ‘Guns in School’, ‘Don’t Fuck With the Dungeon Master’ and ‘ADHDTV’ you know you are going to be in for some tomfoolery and shenanigans…the only question is are the songs fun to listen to and actually have good humor?

The answer is that is a complete yes.  ‘Guns in School’ is really hilarious in just how ironic the song is.   The bands claims guns don’t belong in school but sword fucking do…because they make you look like a badass and teachers would have to give you good grades for having a sword.  And the rest of the album is filled with other silly stuff like that.  Which really makes the album fun to listen to.  ‘Don’t Fuck with the Dungeon Master’ even has some King Diamond-eque style vocals in it.

It should also be noted that the album does contain some other songs that is more ‘serious’ thrash tunes as well and they are just as equally great and great thrash tunes.

I also want to point out the production of this album, which is both a boon and a bane and the one negative I feel like I need to point out.  The sound of the album for an independent release is really fantastic in terms of the guitar sound and the band as a whole.  The thrash sound comes through in a very organic and fresh way without sounding low budget and the band knows it thrash…on that point the band hits on all cylinders.  The one negative I have is that the vocals seem too buried under the mix.  Which is unfortunate, for the band seems be good songwriters lyrically and the vocalist is not a singer that you can’t understand from his style of singing.  It is just hard to understand him on the album because his vocals are pushed a little too far back in the mix. So I wished I could hear the lyrics better as I think the humor could be enjoyed more that way.

Otherwise this album is a must buy for any thrash fan and a must buy for those metal nerds out there that like to have fun as they attack the darkness in their mom’s basement while getting drunk on Mt. Dew and Cocaine.

Don’t Fuck with the Music Reviewer!

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