Interview: Hydra

Interview with Lisa, the vocalist of the Melodic metal band Hydra from Germany.


Hi Lisa, how are you?

Hello Carla! I’m fine, thanks for asking. 🙂

When Hydra was founded?

Hydra was founded at the end of 2013, when Chris and I met for the first time. In the beginnings it was planned to be a Power Metal-Project but we soon realised, that we wanted it to sound more melodic and symphonic. HYDRA as a whole band exists since summer 2014 – this was the time when we met our bass player Dimitri and our drummer Jens.

What can you tell me about the debut album entitled ”Malachite Skies”?

We have written all the ten songs in a very short time. After one year most of the CD was done and we just waited for the final release. „Malachite Skies“ is no concept album, it deals with different topics: Science Fiction, Fantasy, History, Psychology and other topics – the only thing every song has in common is a „surreal“ feeling – you can say that every song is either about something that did never happen in that way, happened a long time ago or about something that is just a process/thought in your mind. The cover concept supports the topic of surrealism, with a ghostly skeleton horse in the center. I wanted the whole scenery around that being to look like an alien landscape and the whole band is very satisfied with the outcome. 🙂

Who mainly writes the lyrics?

For „Malachite Skies“ I have written all the lyrics and I think this will also be the case for upcoming releases.

Are you planning a new album?

Indeed the writing process did already continue. We have written a few songs already and they’re in my opinion very promising. We want to develop as a band and I think you can clearly hear that in the new ideas.

What are the band’s influences?

We have many different influences. I think basically everything can have an influence on your songwriting. This could be a very cool or thrilling film, to listen to other bands/musicians or a walk in the nature. I have the best ideas when I let go my senses and go out in the nature. 😉 Sometimes I’m even at work and some good ideas come to my mind. Then I of course have to wait until I am at home to record the idea, haha 🙂

Are there any shows confirmed for this year?

Yes, we have already played a big bunch of shows- mainly through Germany but also in UK and Czech Republic. Austria, France, Belgium, the UK and of course more german shows will follow at the end of 2015 and in the first half of 2016.

Do you have a message for the Hydra fans?

I want to thank all those who have supported  us in any way. All the people, who have bought our CD’s, who share all our news entrys in Facebook, like or comment our status. That helps us a lot and increases our reach. You can also share our videos or suggest us to festivals – your voice helps HYDRA to become bigger and bigger. Thanks for all so far, I hope we’ll meet at a future concert! \m/

Thank you Lisa, cheers!

I thank you for your interest, dear Carla! All the best, take care! 😉

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