Interview: Gorilla Pulp

BY: Carla Morton


Gorilla Pulp is an Italian Stoner Rock metal band founded in 2014 when they also released their first debul album. Here is an interview with Maurice Flee, the vocalist and guitarist of the band who answered some questions about the band and some future projects.

Hello Maurice, how are you?

Hi Carla, what a pleasure to hear from you! I’m good and I just finished working. Now I’m cooking something for lunch and then I hope to relax a bit before the gig.

Tell me when Gorilla Pulp was founded.

Gorilla Pulp was born in the early days of the year 2014. Me and Choris, the bassplayer, were playing in another band in Viterbo, our hometown. As stoner lovers for years we decided to have our own band too… instantaneously Angelo and Giorgio came with us! In front of a tower of beer cans we decided the name of the band and the day to rehears.

What can you tell me about the band’s first album ”Hell In A Can”?

In June of the same year we entered the recording studio with 4 brand new tracks (3 songs and an instrumental intro from the jungle!) and we started to record our stuff. Was a mystic experience! Then we signed with Mother Fuzzer Records from Dublin and the 15th December the record was out worldwide. In February the stoner label BTNK (Bison and Slomatics in their roster) from Kuala Lumpur, Malesia, produced a tape version of our first work.

Who mainly writes the lyrics?

I mainly write the lyrics of the songs but is the result of the band’s work, thinking about tales and real facts.

You have also one video, featuring with two Italian pornstars, right? 

Oh yeah! Your are talking about Marina Mantero & Giada Da Vinci! Gorilla Pulp’s official videoclip was recorded in the summer with our single ‘Mean Devil Blues’. We have chosen different location but all from the Tuscia area, our land! Do you know that we come from the etruscans land, one of the most important population of all time?? Anyway the girls were so great and we want to thank them again for the good work they made for us.

Are you preparing for a new album soon?

Of course we are! We just finished the pre production of our first full lenght album that will be in vinyl, lp version this time. We can’t wait to enter the studio again very soon to let you hear the new stuff!! Doomed and stoned!

What are the band’s influences?

We all come from the old school heavy metal and rock’n’roll from the 70’s, with a big shade of Blues. Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Muddy waters and ZZ Top are just the mainly ones, but we also really like new stuff like Graveyard, Orchid and Orange Goblin.

Any lyrical themes?

The lyrics tells about real facts in a pulpy version. Imagine to be in a Tarantino movie, with a stoner rock soundtrack, tons of witches and beers. That’s our daily potion.

Are there any shows confirmed for this year?

Yeah, we are playing a lot in our country and we can’t wait to finish our album to start our first european tour. We have a big news that we are going to announce as soon as possible, ’cause is bad S!

Do you have a message for the fans?

Let’s continue following us in live concerts and Socials web!! Let the jungle grow and be a part of the gorilla’s family!!

Thank you Maurice, all the best!

Thank you Carla, beer’s up and come to Italy! Cheers!


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