Music Review: Prowler CD: From the Shadows


BY: TJ Fowler

Available: July 20th, 2015

Label: Slaney Records

Official Websites


Bands that keep it true.  I admire that in a world where metal gets over produced and sterilized in the studio to the point that the music sounds as much fun as trying to eat a bowl of porridge being fed to you through a jet engine turbine.  So it is always fun to hear bands, like Prowler, trying to bring back that old school metal sound and tap into the horror movie theme at the same time.

There are a slew of bands out there now that go back and try to embrace the sound that made metal great in the first place.  Some bands are more successful at that than others.  Bands like Skullfist, Enforcer and a few others seemed to have captured that magic in the proverbial bottle again so to speak.  While Prowler, in my opinion is not quite there in terms of those bands, their album ‘From the Shadows’ has a sincerity and heart to it that makes it better than a lot of other bands out there trying to accomplish the same thing.

‘From the Shadows’ is essentially a heavy metal horror soundtrack.  With a fair chunk of the album about several of John Carpenter’s films from the 80’s.  While metal and horror have always been linked, Prowler wears this connection on its sleeve and it is obvious the band is big time horror fans and proudly display it on this album.  With songs about ‘The Thing’, ‘Return of the Living Dead’ and ‘The Creature from the Black Lagoon’ it is obvious these guys know their horror.  Mixing that with the early days of the metal sound, basically what sounds like an analog sound of a band that stepped out of 1983.   Think of production values akin to the early thrash bands of the Bay Area.

‘From the Shadows’ is a fun album and a nostalgic metal ride through a horror fun house of the 80’s.  They are not reinventing anything, they will even admit that.  They are not trying to have a new sound and they do not want to, which is fine by me and I wish the band best of luck for any future projects.  I think with a few tweaks in the songwriting area, Prowler can be a force to be reckoned with in the metal world.  I hope to see and hear more from them soon.

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