Interview: Bloid


Interview with Jeroen, the guitar player of the Dutch Thrash/Death metal band.

BY: Carla Morton

Hi Jeroen, how are you?

Hey Carla, I’m doing great, how about you?

Tell me when Bloid was founded?  

Bloid was founded in March 2006. We started the band for several reasons. The main reason was that Daan (our drummer and my brother) didn’t have a band and we thought that was a waste of talent. So Rijnes and I agreed on creating a metalband just for him. Our main goal was to write kick ass straight in your face songs. “Everything goes, as long as it kicks ass!” was (and is) our motto. Rijnes and I were still in other bands, but after a year or two we quit those bands and focused on just Bloid. That worked out very well, because we were asked to support bands like Textures, Gojira, Sepultura and Arch Enemy!

What can you tell me about the band’s first album ”Rise To Ruination” released in 2013?

It is our first real album. We recorded 1 demo and 2 ep’s before this one. The songs were good, but it missed “umpff” (by lack of a better word). We found someone who knew our music and knew what it should sound like. His name is Laurens and this (19 year old!!) kid knew what he was doing. The whole theme of the album is surviving a post apocalyptic world. The whole doomsday preppers really intrigued us. But the album also has old songs that are re-recorded that have nothing to do with the theme. I’m talking about the Nemesis and Sudden urge.

Who mainly write the lyrics?

Rijnes and I do that, we come up with a theme for a song and decide who will write the song. Rijnes writes most of the lyrics and there are a couple of songs that are written by the both of us, depending on who sings what part. Sometimes it just comes up in the rehursal studio.

 How the recordings were going on the 2010 EP ”Momentum”?

Momentum was a great experience to record. We still love the tracks that are on there and we are thinking of re-recording some of them like Bring the pain and Soulfly VII. We recorded it in one weekend with our sound engineer Gijs. We also recorded “Chaos, dat had je vroeger niet” (which means: Chaos, didn’t excist in the old days) at his studio. Besides the fact that Gijs knows what he’s doing, he also brews a great cup of coffee! hahaha.

Did you start to record a new album?

We have a couple of new tracks and we are working on new material at the moment. The plans are to have a new album out next year. We hope to record at least 11 songs, which will also include some of our older songs, but with more UMPFFFFF!!!

But we have a lot of things going on like an endorsement deal for guitars and other gear and we still have a few goals, like doing a couple of shows abroad (Tour-style). So we are working on that and maybe some of your readers can help us out with that (hint-hint…for info and booking: and

What are the lyrical themes?

The lyrics vary widely. Some tracks literally are about nothing, but we like to tell a story. Like in F.U.B.A.R. which is about a serialkiller with alzheimer’s disease, who forgot that he has a dead body in his cellar. Or Pandemic, about a doomsday prepper who is affraid the end is near, locked up in his bunker. When we started the band in ’06, we just wrote music and growled over it. Assuming: “nobody’s going to hear what we are grunting, so why should we bother. Fun fact: some of our lyrics from the first demo were written in the studio, minutes before recording.

How do you see Bloid fans?

As a great bunch of crazy, funloving people. After each gig we love to talk to them and have a beer. They are very important to us, because they are the ones spreading the word and they make our shows better with their energy and intensity.

A message for your fans?

Be patient, Bloid is coming for you guys and girls! In the meantime: Have a beer, tell people to book us and don’t eat yellow snow!

Thank you for your time, cheers!

Thank you too!


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