Music Review: Palinopsia CD: Murmurs From the Well Nothing More


By: Scott Foster

Label: Independent

Available: June 3, 2015

Official Websites

If you follow my reviews (and, if I’m being honest with myself, you probably don’t) you know that I’m not a follower of black metal. When I first started reviewing for Skullbanger and got a black metal submission my first response was…”what am I listening to?” Over time I’ve gained a better understanding of the genre, but it still remains not my cup o’ tea.

With an infectious groove, Palinopsia has come across as a doom metal band that I’m happy to give repeat listens to. Grinding guitars layered with solid drumming and bass that is in the pocket. What’s not to love? By way of confession, I still have no idea what the vocals are saying. However, looking at the vocals as another instrument, they fit well with the mix. Silt, especially, gets my head nodding. In short, I think this is a great EP that fans of black metal will appreciate.


Macaulay Lerman – Guitar and Low Vocals
Will Morse – Drums

Johnny Reiter – Bass

Haydn Smith –  Lead Vocals

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