Interview: From Earth

Interview with Tommie Bonajo, the guitar player of the Dutch metal band From Earth.

BY: Carla Morton

from earth

Hello Tommie, how are you?

Hi Carla, I’m great, thanks!

Tell me a few things about From Earth, when was this band formed?

After the break up of our former band Blind Sight in the end of 2010, guitarist Dave van Loon and I continued writing new songs together. In the following year we wrote over 20 songs, but then decided we wanted something different. A totally different concept with a much darker atmosphere than what we where writing at the time. With a totally new inspiration we ditched all the songs and wrote 10 brand new songs in about 3 weeks time. The concept of From Earth and the album “Dark Waves” was born.  After writing the songs we started looking for band members, and after some line-up changes we finally completed the line-up at the beginning of 2013 with ‘Che Snelting’ (ex- Born From Pain, ex- Armagathas and Herder) as the new frontman.

”Dark Waves” is the band’s debut album, released last year. How did the recordings go?

The album was produced, mixed and mastered by myself at “Tomsterproject Studios”, which is the studio where I do all my daily work as a producer and composer. Because of this we could take the time to work out all details and finishing touches. The main recordings where already done in 2012. We’ve also started recording the vocals with former vocalist ‘Mike Scheijen’, which unfortunately didn’t work out. Summer 2013 we’ve finished all the vocal parts for the record with our new vocalist ‘Che Snelting’. After that everything was ready for the mix and master.

Did you receive good reviews?

Yes, the reviews of the album where overwhelming. To get quotes as “With a debut album such as ‘Dark Waves’ it’s clear that From Earth is a big promise” and “Every song on Dark Waves is a straight hit and reflects the musical talent and experience of this band” from dutch leading magazines Aardschok and Musicmaker, is a great honour.

Are you working on new material?

Yes, we’re already busy writing the new album. It’s gonna be much more darker and melancholic then the last one.

Will you tour this summer?

Probably not, because we are in writing mode and w’ll be hitting the studio again somewhere around the summer.

Do you have a message for the fans?

If you like our album “Dark Waves”, keep your eyes and ears open because w’ll probably be releasing on or two new singles towards the end of this year.

Thanx Tommie, cheers!

Thank you Carla, all the best!

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