Interview: Lightless Moor (By Carla Morton)

Interview with Ilaria Falchi, the vocalist of the Italian Gothic metal band, Lightless Moor.

Hey Ilaria, how have you been?
Hi! I’m fine! Thank you so much!!!

First, tell me about Lightless Moor when was founded.
Lightless Moor was born by my idea of creating a gothic metal band in which I could express myself and sing my own verses.I wanted to mix the standard of the genre and new influences so to create a modern and personal style. The band was founded officially in 2005 when I found the musicians and gave birth to my project. In a while we started composing our first own songs that were recorded in our EP “Renewal” (2006).


The band’s first release was the EP entitled ”Renewal” in 2006. How the recordings of it went?
It was our first experience in recording our music and it was great! We grew as musicians and as band. We understood that was the right way we had to follow. Unfortunately we had several line up changes, but I still have a very good memory of that experience.

What can you tell me about the debut album released in 2013 ”The Poem”?
“Crying My Grief To A Feeble Dawn – The Poem” is our first album out in September 2013 via WormHoleDeath. It’s a concept that tells the story of a poetress who arrived in a castle and start writing about the curse of its Count. She sacrifices her life to free him forever from it. The story it’s a metaphor for the importance of art and for the sacrifice that artists and writers pay to express themselves in it. Another main charachter is the struggle of the opposites that we leave in our lives, death and birth, love and hate, death and life.

Who mainly writes the lyrics?
I write all the lyrics of our songs. I always wrote verses and poetries. When I started singing I put them in music. In “Renewal” and in “The Poem” I write about inner themes as love, death, passion, art, madness. I write about the opposites that dance in ourselves and that generate confusion and suffering, but also the push to live, to risk for something.

Are you going to release a new album soon?
I can’t reveal anything now…sorry! But keep on following us…

 Are there any influences?
Yes, of course! We love to experiment! Every musician has different background and musical preferences. So everyone of us puts something of theirselves in LM songs! For example, I love gothic and modern metal and I inspire my singing style to great singers I always listened to. Other influences are also: doom metal, folk metal, power metal, classical music.

Are you going to tour this year?
We are working on new songs and we decide to focus the attention on the composition process. We went on tour in January in Northern Italy and we played at the second edition of Female Voices Fest this May. A female fronted bands festival that I organize here in Sardinia.


How do you see Lightless Moor fans?
I think they are fantastic! They are free and open to new influences and mixes. They are genuine and let us touching their emotional chords. They support us and believe in our project. We are very lucky for a little band from South Sardinia!

A message for the band’s fans?
I’d like to thank them!!! Thanks for supporting Lightless Moor!!! We can’t exist without our fans and we are so glad they are so numerous and all over the world! I’d like to tell them to keep on following us because we have more news to come!

Thank you for your answers Ilaria, my pleasure!
Thanks to you and for giving us this space!!! It’s always a pleasure and a honour for us!


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