Interview Atropas

Atropas is a Swiss Melodic Thrash metal band and here is an interview with the band’s vocalist and guitarist who spoke about the upcoming album and other things.

By: Carla Morton


Hi Mahmoud, how are you?
Hey Carla, I’m doing very well, thank you.

Tell me when Atropas was founded.
Atropas, in the way it is now, was founded almost three years ago. We’ve had different members on and off, but this line up has been sticking it out for roughly three years. Sandro, our drummer, was the last one to join after he had split up with his former band.

”Azrael” is the band’s debut album out in 2013. How the recordings went so far?
We did everything ourselves except for the mixing. It took way too long for us to get this the way we wanted and I think it was a good lesson on how to not do things, recording wise. There are many things I am not very happy about with that first record, sound wise. I think the record has some really strong songs, but sound wise, it could have been much much better. We are thinking of re-recording some of our favourite tracks off that record, just to give those tracks the scoundscape that they deserve.

What about the new album? 
The new album was a whole different experience. I did the whole preproduction myself and it took me a long time to get the songs the way I wanted them. Our producer, Jonny Mazzeo of MathLab Studios in Italy, gave us some feedback and helped us get closer to the result we wanted, and that’s just during preproduction. Once all the songs were in place, we got ourselves to Pistoia, Italy (close to Florence) and recorded the album in about 3 weeks. It was a huge learning experience for everyone involved and I personally have never struggled with my guitar playing as much as I did during that tracking process, but Jonny made sure he got the very best results and performances out of every one of us. Sandro nailed his drum parts in something like two and a half days, Kevin did the bass parts in something like three or four days. Everything else was guitars and vocals. I was present in the studio for all of the tracking process and I recorded all of the guitars and vocals. While the guitars were a struggle for me, the vocal parts were much easier in comparison, albeit physically very demanding. Lorenzo Guddemi, who works very closely with Jonny, took care of the vocal tracking. We did all of the clean vocals and harmonies first. Once that was done, we tracked all of the screaming and growling parts. On the very last day of recording, we tracked all of the screamed backing vocals in something like an hour, we went through everything very very quickly.

Have you received good reviews about the album?
Not many people have heard this new record yet, only some close friends of ours. Everyone loved it so far, and going off the feedback we got for our first single “Crimson Zero” (which you can listen to here : , people should be into the new record. We’ve played a couple of new songs live already and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Did you start writing new materials?
Yeah, I’m already working on new songs. We have a bit of a competition with our brothers in Mycelia.They just got done with their record, too, and we are seeing who can pop out another record sooner, them or us!

What are your influences?
I’ll pretty much listen to anything, good music is good music. Metal wise, my biggest influences for this past record were bands like Machine Head, Parkway Drive, August Burns Red, Trivium, Tesseract, Periphery, Dreamshade, Protest The Hero, Intervals, Unearth and many more, I could go on forever. But I was listening to those bands a lot prior to recording, so I’m sure there’s some of those bands influences on the record and if you like those metal bands, you might like our music, too. Outside of metal, I like to listen to rock, blues, jazz and some fusion. I’ve been trying to work on some latin chops, so I’ve started learning some bossa nova esque stuff. I’ll see where that takes us.

Are there shows confirmed for this summer?
Yes, some confirmed shows indeed. We are playing with the almighty Unearth at Bonebreaker Mayhem in Zug, Switzerland. More shows are going to be announced soon, most of the are going to be in the fall/winter.

How do you see Atropas fans?
Over the past couple of shows, I noticed some very passionate fans, and not all of them are necesseraly metal heads, which is awesome. I think with this new record we might get people into metal, who dont listen to metal much or at all. Some of my friends dont listen to metal at all and they enjoyed our new stuff, so let’s hope we can make some new fans with this upcoming record.

A message for the people who enjoy Atropas?
Thank you all so, so much for your continuous support. We will be releasing a couple of new songs over the next couple of weeks and months. We hope to announce a european tour, soon. Stick around, there’s much more coming!

Thank you Mahmoud, cheers!
Thank you, Carla! Take care!


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