Music Review Civil War CD: Gods & Generals

By: Callum (CJ) Lavender
Label: Napalm Records
Available: 8th May 2015
Official Website:
Quite a thought provoking band name this band has. As we’re all well aware a lot of the times the metal fanbase is in a civil war with itself. One group of metal fans hate the other for liking a different sub genre even though it’s all part of the same tree. And we are also afraid of change *cough* baby metal *cough* but anyway I digress. Have you ever noticed that when a member of a ‘doing well’ band starts a spin off side band that it also does well. A member of Alestorm went on to start Gloryhammer, a member of Nightwish went on to start Brother Firetribe and now members of Sabaton have gone on to start Civil War. Now if that reason alone doesn’t sell you this album then continue reading.

Believe me when I say that this album has everything. Powerful operatic vocals, big sing along choruses, heavy guitar riffs, skilled shredding, cinematic synths and imaginative lyrics about battles in history “if you don’t understand read a history book”. Most songs sound similar but with the occasional interesting ideas thrown in to keep it going. If some of the riffs, synth and melody parts sound familiar thats because they do, as they sound very folk and classical only turned to metal. The whole album has such positive energy even though the songs are about grim subjects. The songs shift from head banging metal anthems to aww inspiring musical metal ballads. In fact ‘Tears From The North’ is such a well crafted metal ballad that it just sounds like a cinematic metal musical.
It sounds like a mixture of all the classics such as Iron Maiden, Rhapsody and Sabaton. And despite the notable influences they still show there own unique originality. Simply put this album is a classic metal fans dream come true. If you pick up this album I guarantee that when it’s playing you will be saluting it with tears of metal pride in your eyes.
Rating: 5/5

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