Music Review: Broken Rain CD: Here Comes the Pain

BR front_resize

By: Scott Foster

Label: Independent

Available: 2015

Official Websites

Here Comes the Pain, the debut album from Slovakian rock band Broken Rain. And while the album was not painful to listen to, I don’t see it making its way to my regular play list. Not that there’s anything wrong with the album, and the fact that the band appears to be booked with gigs attests to their skills. Rather, many of the songs left me underwhelmed for a heavy metal album.

The album starts off with some strong tracks; Burn the Witch and Seize the Fire, and I would have preferred more songs in the same vein. The album does come back around with tracks like So Far Away and Prisoners in the Wasteland, but so much of what lies between seemed out of place. It almost seems like a jumble of genres. In fact, with its heavy keys blending with the guitar, bonus track Broken Rain made me think of American rock band Great White. Arguably metal…but a letdown after the opening tracks.

At the end of the day, I’m just a dude on the internet with opinions about music. The band is technically tight and accomplished, so maybe a few songs that seem out of place won’t be an issue before. As noted earlier, they have gigs lined up, so they must be doing something right.


Martin Rybár – Vocals

Filip Prašovský – Guitars, Backing Vocals

Vladislav Gális – Bass, Backing Vocals

Imrich Šimig – Keyboards, Guitars

Branislav Končír – Drums

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