Interview Death Before Disco


By: Carla Morton

A new Heavy/Rock band in the Finnish metal scene was formed last year in 2014, but this year they will join the studio to prepare their first album. Here is an interview with Samuel Nouveau, the vocalist of Death Before Disco, who have answered a few questions.

Hi Samuel, how things are going?
Actually pretty ok. We are preparing for our first studio sessions.

Tell me a few words about Death Before Disco, when the band was founded.
Death Before Disco was founded in 2014 on a graveyard in Kuopio Finland by myself and the drummer Pecu Cinnari. We were sitting on a bench in a park that is also a cemitary for some old war heroes drinking wine after the bars had closed, and we had some fucking fantastic ideas you will hear on the future albums.

Death Before Disco, what’s behind this name?
A mystery.

Do you have some demos recorded?
No. We went live first. Not your standard way of doing things, but we like to spice things up.


I am sure you’ve started to record your new album.
Well, you will have to wait and see about that. 😉

What are the band’s influences?
The marvel of DBD is that we all have different influences, and everyone has a strong input to the sound. But I guess you could say Misfits, Ministry, John Sykes and Johnny Cash have influenced us to name a few.

Can you tell me how was the first show?
No one seemed to believe it was the first one. But that’s how it should be.

Were people excited by the show?
Even the other bands were.

Any other shows confirmed for this year?
We have been asked, but I think we will focus on the studio at this point.

A message to the people who has heard about Death Before Disco?
You will learn a lesson!

Thank you for your time Samuel, cheers!
Thank you!

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