Interview Life’s Illusion


By: Carla Morton

Life’s Illusion is a Depressive Black/Dark Ambient Metal from Ukraine with an EP released last year. Here is an interview I made with the band’s vocalist Xasthuriath, who she told about the band and also about starting the recordings for a new album.

Hello Xasthuriath, how are things going?
Hails! Doing fine, in spite of the entire enemies coalition against me I’m still alive and kicking.

 About Life’s Illusion, tell me when the band was formed.
 The band was formed circa 2011 by me and a broken acoustic guitar. I just tried to express my emotions and transform my sadness and pain into something, and gradually it became something bigger.

 2 demos are out, one in 2011 and one out in 2013. Tell me a few words about them.
 Honestly, I’m not really happy with them, especially 2011 one – primitive, extremely raw and kind of embarrassing. “Memoires” is slightly better – it means a lot for me because it was composed during my stay in psychiatric ward.

 Last year you released the first EP ”Art Of Despair”. How were those recordings done?
 I didn’t have a stable lineup at that time so I recorded everything internationally – with members of Worthless Life (USA) and Suicide Emotions (Italy). Quality is a bit more improved on this record yet I’m still not really happy with it.

 Who mainly write the lyrics?
 The lyrics were, are, and will be written by me only.

 Any lyrical themes for Life’s Illusion?
 Started off with my depression and pain. Later it developed into the world of a dark Psychotic mind: desolate landscapes, nightmares, obscure emotions and visions.

 Are there some shows coming up this year?
 We are playing two shows in Kiev, with Forgotten Tomb and Psychonaut 4.

 Are you preparing for a new album?
 We are currently in progress of recording of our debut full length “From Pain I Rise ” , coming out this spring on Talheim Records.

 A message for the fans?
 Believe in yourself and stay negative…

 Thank you for your answers, cheers!

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