Interview with Niko from Winterthroned


Interview by Carla Predan

Winterthroned is a Symphonic Black/Folk Metal from Finland which seem soon they are preparing to release their first EP soon. Here it is a little interview about them. Niko, the vocalist and the guitarist of the band answered some questions.  

Hi Niko, how have you been?

Niko: Hey! I’ve been great actually though I’ve been very busy and my yet unborn son seems to be healthy so nothing to complain about.

 When was Winterthroned formed?

 Niko: Winterthroned itself was formed 2013 I think, when I started to gather other musicians around me to get the band started after I finished my military service.

 It seems you guys had a demo come out in 2013, ”Battle Honor Victory”.  When will there be a new album?

 Niko: About an actual album I cant say yet, but we are recording 3 song EP at the moment which propably, and with best of luck, will be released during this summer. We have enough material for a full album but I think we will not haste with the full lenght yet. We will see how people will react to our next EP and then decide the urgency of the next record.

 Have you started to record this?

 Niko: 3 song EP yes, album not yet.

 What is the theme for Winterthroned?

 Niko: I’d say there is no one theme for Winterthroned since there is few things our lyrics are about. Mostly it is about paganism, nordic mythology and nature but also about the present day. But our “themes” could be respecting the nature, honoring your ancestors and heritage and fighting to defend what is yours. Hard to say, its quite large range where our lyrical themes dwell though they have a lot in common.

 I understand, initialy the band was called Winterheim. What made you change the band into Winterthrone?

 Niko: Winterheim was more like my soloproject in the beginning and I wanted a “fresh start” when Winterheim actually evolved into a band. I dont know how we ended up with Winterthroned but seems like it came to stay, haha.

 Will there be some shows soon?

 Niko: Actually yes! Next month we will hit the stage with Whispered at PRKL Club in Helsinki. Thats our only show to come for now. I think we will focus on gigs more after we are done with our EP.

 Do you have something to say for the people who enjoy Winterthroned?

 Niko: Remember who you are, remember where youve come from and never turn your back on family. Make love and make war.

Thank you Niko. All the best!

 Niko: Thank you! All the best to you too!

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