Interview: Black Light Discipline


By Carla Morton

Black Light Discipline is a Finnish Electro/Industrial metal band which combining dance elements into their music, creating their own raw songs. Till now they released 3 albums, the latest one was released last year in 2014 so they will tell some things about each album. All their albums received good reviews and had been touring in countries such as Finland, Spain, Croatia and Russia. Below is an interview I did with 2 members from the band, Janne and Joonas, who answered some interesting questions.

Hello Janne, how are things going?
Janne: Hi, things are good, we are just making some new songs and planning the upcoming gigs. Some announcements about the gigs are coming soon.

As a little intro about BLD, tell me when the band was founded?
Janne: BLD was formed in 2005. Me and our drummer Veikka met our singerToni in another band-project which was more of a melodic/traditional metal. That project didn’t last for long and meanwhile we started to try doing something very different. From those experiments BLD was started.

The first debut album ,,Empire” was released in 2008. Tell me something about it and tell about the 2010 single ”Aggressor” too.
Janne: We recorded that album after we had done couple of EP-releases. It was recorded here in Kuopio with MC Raaka Pee (from Turmion Kätilöt) who assisted us in the studio and mixed the album. Empire is maybe the most heaviest of our releases, we are still very pleased with the result, my favorite track from it is “For All You Heavy-hearted”. After that we wanted to release something before the next full-length “Against Each Other”, so we released the Aggressor -single. We also printed a physical version of that single which was not very common even at that point of time, we still have some left, hehe!

After 2 years ,,Against Each Other” came out, this time with a different label than the 1st album.
Janne: Yeah, Empire was released by Osasto-A -label. The latter albums “Against Each Other” and “Death By A Thousand Cuts” have been released via our own company Raw Entertainment.

I see that for each album there exists videos, indeed.
Janne: Yes we have released one official video from each of the albums. The songs are “Tides”, “Walls Inside Us” and “On Fire”. All of them have been directed by Jesse Jokela who we have had the pleasure working with through our band’s history. We have wanted to put out a really professional-looking musicvideos with stories like a short films in them, not plain band-videos. Maybe we’ll put out one of those later also. It has been great to see Jesse’s ideas about our songs coming live in the videos.

Now a few questions for Joonas. Hi, is everything alright?
Joonas: Hi Carla. Thanks for asking, right now I’m just relaxing and listening the new Nightwish -album (sound’s great) and enjoying a garage long drink.

Do you write the songs too?
Joonas: Janne is our song writing robot. Janne creates most of the ideas and sends them to me so I can think new ideas to them and to start to do guitar-riffs right away. If I get more ideas we talk about them a lot on the phone 🙂 When we have the song almost ready, all of us BLD-brothers go to our rehearsal room and start playing the new material and to create more ideas for the new song. We like to do it that way.

Mostly shows you have had were in Finland, in what other countries have you had shows/tour?
Joonas: Yes that’s true. We’ve had almost all of our gigs here in Finland but that’s not bad. We all hope and work hard to get a tour outside Finland. Our wet dream is to tour all over the world. We had a little touch to couple of countries, such as Russia, Germany, Crotia and Spain. Hopefully more are coming soon!

The band has had some member changes. Who left the band and what were some of the reasons they had left the band?
Joonas: Antti Salo was the first guitarist in BLD and left the band because a lack of time. I joined the band on 2010. On 2012 bass player chances happened two times in one week, heh quick actions, but no drama. Iiro Saarinen was the first bassplayer and second player was Toni Hintikka and last and forever ‘Sir’ Jani Rissanen.

How do you see the BLD fans?
Joonas: Very supporting, helping and honest. I respect that.

Do you have a message for the fans?
Joonas:  Thanks for supporting us. That’s touching a lot. I hope to see you all soon!

Back to you Janne, now speaking about the new album, ’’Death By A Thousand Cuts”, which was released last year, how were the recordings done?
Janne: We did them in quite a long time-period because we decided to record and mix the album by ourselves. It was quite a learning-curve for us and althought we enjoyed it, I think that we won’t be doing it again, hehe.


What is the main theme not only for the new album, but in general for BLD?
Janne: In the music itself the theme is to combine gloomy metal -elements to energetic dance -elements, so it’s like a headbanging-party live. Lyrics-vise we don’t have any precise theme, we like to write from whatever is in our mind at the moment, or from whatever feelings the song itself raises. There’s lyrics about aggression, religion, work, releationships, world-wide issues, things that have happened to us or to our friends, etc…

For the albums you got the help for mastering from Janne Tolsa from Turmion Katilot, right?
Janne: Yes, Janne has mastered all of our albums and also mixed our second album Against Each Other. He’s a nice guy to work with and he also has been very patient with our mood-changes during these processes 🙂

There exists some influences for BLD? Your genre is very interesting to be honest, there are many industrial/electro bands like you but in my opinion you do it the best.
Janne: I think that the bands which I was listening a lot when BLD started have had influeces to our music, at least in the beginning. Such as Rammstein, Pain, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode etc. Nowadays I think that we have found a very original style and the influences are maybe not so clear anymore.

And the last question, are you preparing for a new album?
Janne: We are making new songs but we haven’t yet decided what to do with them. There’s some great tracks coming up!

Thank you guys for your time, it was a pleasure. Kippis!

Janne: Thank you, cheers!
Joonas: Thank you too Carla!

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