Justin Bieber to Release Metal Album in 2015; Cites Influences

The Most Black, The Most Ever


Press releases have come in today from Justin Bieber’s management and label Def Jam records stating the teen pop star is now wanting to branch out and explore other musical genres and spread his creative wings.  The statement can be read below,

“Over the past few years I have toyed with the idea of branching out and doing new styles of music and giving my fans a more diverse selection in my musical catalog.  After much consideration I have decide to record a heavy metal album influenced by the black metal genre.  I have secretly wanted to come out…and do an album like this for many years but felt the pressure from both my peers and the music community to play it safe and do teen-pop.  Now that I have millions of dollars and the respect of musicians and critics alike I feel now I want to explore my true passion.  Black Metal.

Ever since I was a kid and I came home from Vacation Bible school I would take the church I built with popsicle sticks into the dark forest behind my house and secretly set it on fire while chanting blasphemous praises to heathen gods.  Because…fuck Christianity.  Ever since I listened to Emperor’s ‘In the Nightshade Eclipse’ I knew black metal was the genre for me and I can see myself being embraced in the black metal community with open arms as I will stream, for free, my cover version of ‘I am the Black Wizards’  which I feel is far superior to the original.

As for the album itself it will tap into the old school root of black metal and I have secretly been recording my opus in the most state of the art black metal studio.  The dumpster behind an abortion clinic in Norway. The title of my new album is simple, yet beautiful, ‘Black Bieber’, which will be released later this year.  The tracklist for the album is as follows:

1. Lust of the Void

2. Dreams of the Slumbering Unknown

3. Castrated Humanity

4. Burning Cosmos Most Beautiful, Most Desired

5. My Heart Beats Still, My Soul Dies Black

6. The Grave Holds Me Not

7. Cave Evil

8. The Luminous Black of a Dead God.

9. I Am the Black Wizards (Emperor Cover)


Thanks to my fans and Def Jam records and most importantly the metal community for their Full Support”

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