Music Review: Block Buster CD: Ain’t on the Chain


By: Scott Foster

Label: Independent

Available:  March 27, 2015

Official Websites


So in two days a band from Finland, Block Buster, has an EP coming out. And I would say this is a release worth picking up. You’re going to wind up with three hard rock tracks that are sure to please. The songs had, to my ear, such a strong influence of rock from the late 80’s and early 90’s. I was really surprised to see how young these guys were.

I will tell you up front, I didn’t find the music or lyrics to be incredibly groundbreaking. And as I believe I’ve said about other bands, that’s fine. Sometimes it’s good to sit back and rest on a tried and true foundation. I think this is one of those times. The guys really do well with the execution of this style, and looking at some videos of their older performances, they seem to be really solid performers.

As I said before, these guys are young. Not really sure how old, but they looked fairly young to me. To be as talented as they are is quite an accomplishment. As they continue to hone their craft I would expect to see more fantastic music from Block Buster. So I’d recommend you purchase their music and support them so that they can keep working on it.


Aarni Metsäpelto – Vocals & Guitar

Jaakko Metsäpelto – Drums

Elias Salo – Lead Guitar

Joonas Arppe – Bass

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