Music Review: Tengger Cavalry CD: Blood Sacrifice Shaman


By: Scott Foster

Label: Metal Hell Records

Available:  May 18, 2015

Official Websites

In 1206 Temujin successfully unified the tribes of people that are now known as the Mongols. He immediately changed his name to Ghengis Khan and assembled the best horse-head fiddlers, percussionists, and bass players and partied on. They rocked so mightily that they shook the walls of the yurts four towns over.

No! That is not what happened, and I certainly hope you did not come here for a history lesson. However, Tengger Cavalry certainly conveys the feel of what such an event might have sounded like. The band is the brain child of Nature Ganganbaigal, and blends Mongolaian folk music with metal. With these folk metal bands I generally expect the songs to convey the feel of their roots, and Tengger Cavalry does and admirable job of this. Songs like Rootless paint the image of wide, open areas, while horseman feels like the charge of the cavalry.

One important (to me) note. Tengger Cavalry’s studio work is handled entirely by Nature. While he has a regular band for live performances, he tells me that on this recording, it’s pretty much all him. I’ve found that solo projects of that type can generally feel pretty lackluster, but such was not the case with Blood Sacrifice Shaman. It’s great album if you’re a fan of folk metal.



Nature Ganganbaigal – Horse-head Fiddle, Vocals, various other instruments

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