Music Review: AxeMaster CD: Overture to Madness


Available: NOW

Label: Pure Steel Records

Official Websites:


                I was recently contacted by a Joe Sims who is the Axe Master in the band…ummm…AxeMaster.  Joe asked me to give his band a listen and if possible to give it a review which I was happy to do and I am glad I did.  Apparently AxeMaster was shredding it up in the late 80’s but disappeared soon after.  I have to admit…I hadn’t heard of them. Now they have returned with a new album ‘Overture to Madness’ along with a new singer and are ready to rock it in the new millennium.

                Not being aware of the band previous to this I am coming into ‘Overture to Madness’ with no prejudices or bias and with fresh ears so to speak.  With that being said I really enjoyed this album.  Upon listening to the opening track AxeMaster shows they can clearly punch out some pure heavy metal riffs and songs.  The songs are driven home by the excellent vocals of Geoff McGraw who has a voice that borders on a Southern Rock style but keeps itself just shy of sounding like a singer in Molly Hatchet.

                The songs themselves are most similar to thrash metal with some traces of songs sounding a bit doomish.  The first half of the album is filled with some great metal tunes fans of traditional metal should find really enjoyable especially of the thrash genre. 

                As for any negatives I will say the album drags just a bit in the middle.  That is not to say the songs are bad or played poorly they just stick with me like some of the earlier songs did.  Also there is one song that sounds a bit too similar to Metallica’s ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’.  Otherwise though, ‘Overture to Madness’ is a pretty solid metal album that doesn’t fail to deliver the metal goods.  They don’t reinvent the wheel but you don’t need to if you can roll out the metal like AxeMaster.

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