Muscic Review: Enforcer CD: From Beyond

Enforcer - From Beyond - Artwork

Available: Now

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

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I was first introduced to Enforcer when I began my website Skullbanger Media and Nuclear Blast was kind enough to send me a promo disc of ‘Death by Fire’.  I was instantly hooked on the band and loved that they played what would be considered by many as traditional heavy metal along the lines of the NWOBHM styled music.  After going out and supporting their ‘Death by Fire’ album on tour the band refused to let up and entered the studio to begin recording their new effort, ‘From Beyond’ which just released at the end of February.

Not to judge a book by its cover so to speak but once I saw the album cover for ‘From Beyond’, I was already super excited to hear the album.  The album cover invokes the mystery and allure the classic bands of days gone by used to put on their covers and it has that classic horror vibe to it as well.  Upon hearing the tracks on ‘From Beyond’, I instantly recognized the trademark Enforcer sound but also a bit of shift in tone for the album.  While the band has always used occultism and what not for their lyrical subject matter in terms of sound ‘From Beyond’ seems to have a more dark and melancholy sound on several songs.   This is most evident on songs like ‘Below the Slumber’ and ‘From Beyond’ where the songs evoke an atmosphere of isolation and unknown which leaves the listener filled with a strange sense of uneasiness.  Then there are other songs that are the fast paced like classic Enforcer such as ‘Undying Evil’ and ‘Banshee’ which focus on mythological creatures of horror.

‘From Beyond’ is an album that offers a nice contrast for listeners where you have some songs that evoke a slow, creeping doom-like imagery for the listener while also offering faster songs that will appeal to the speed demons.  If you are a would be new listener thinking about picking up this album and wondering what the sound would be like think of bands like Iron Maiden, Angel Witch and Accept from the early 80’s and you will have a pretty close idea of what you got here in both sound and lyrical subject matter.   So if this sounds like something that might interest you, you really can’t go wrong as the album is filled with some strong classic metal that should make any metal head smile from ear to ear with a malicious glee.

Hear my Audio interview with Olof HERE

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