Music Review UFO CD: A Conspiracy Of Stars


By: Callum (CJ) Lavender

Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Available: 23rd February

Official Website:


By now I’m sure most people are familiar with the legacy of UFO with songs like ‘Doctor Doctor’ and the likes. Well here they are with a new album that I’m very privileged to be writing about. The interesting thing with classic rock/metal bands is that when a band has been going for 20+ years, some people will say that the band has peaked and will never again release anything as legendary as the successful albums. Sometimes I agree with that but then other times I don’t. After listening to UFO’s latest release twice I can safely say… they’ve still got it 


The songs I enjoyed and recommend the most are: ‘Run Boy Run’, ‘Balled Of The Left Hand Gun’, ‘Devils In The Details’ and ‘Precious Cargo’


The things I liked about the album is almost everything it has to offer. It’s classic rock sound with the addition of being a bit more ‘modernized’ and even adding some classic blues as well. The lyrics: well written, the vocals: smooth and strong, the guitar/keyboard sounds: clean, the riffs/solo’s: very catchy and doesn’t go on for to long. Combining all these things together and you’ve got a great album with no gimmicks, from a classic rock band that can still deliver quality to this day.


The things I didn’t like about the album were the third portions. By which point I felt like it’s all well and good but I heard this half an hour ago. I personally don’t think that many young rock fans are going to give this much attention because it’s not the edgy, cinematic and operatic metal that’s popular right now. This is mainly going to be enjoyed by the older fans and even then they will have to get use to the years of change, when compared to the 70’s/80’s albums.


As I said there are still 20+ year famous rock/metal bands out there that can still release quality albums even after their ‘peak’ in success. UFO have still managed to make a fresh album without having to experiment to much, because years of experience means that they still know how to make great songs even now. By the way my father is a huge fan who will be seeing 2 of their show’s this year (and taking me to one), I wonder what his reaction will be when he reads this.


Rating: 4.5/5

2 thoughts on “Music Review UFO CD: A Conspiracy Of Stars”

  1. I’ll go to youtube and see if I can find some songs to listen too. I love the old classic UFO but their last few album just didn’t move me. Moogs vocals ain’t what they used to be. Cheers

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