Music Review: Blind Guardian CD: Beyond the Red Mirror

Blind Guardian - Beyond The Red Mirror - Artwork

By: Scott Foster

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Available:  January 30, 2015

Official Websites


I happened to notice that Blind Guardian had an EP out; Twilight of the Gods. This is really the release of their first single from their upcoming album, as well as two live tracks from Wacken 2011. My first exposure to Blind Guardian came when a friend gave me the album Imaginations From the Other Side and was blown away. However, I found myself underwhelmed by earlier works. When I cranked up the EP, and then the full album, I was immediately struck by how Beyond the Red Mirror seemed to have caught the magic of Imaginations.

As it so happens, Beyond the Red Mirror is sequel to the 1995 album, continuing the story with a quest for the Holy Grail. And who doesn’t like a good quest? Heads up! There are some people that are going to be put off by the use of choir and orchestra on metal album. Give it a chance. The mix really allows Blind Guardian to convey the mood of the story they’re telling.

Great album for fans of Blind Guardian, or symphonic metal.




Hansi Kürsch – Vocals

André Olbrich – Guitars

Marcus Siepen – Guitars

Frederik Ehmke – Drums

Barend Courbois – Bass


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