Ex-Amaranthe growler Andy Solveström Returns With New Band: Camodi


Fans of Amaranthe will know Andy Solveström as one of the three singers of the band who held the duties as the ‘growler’ of the band.  Andy was a integral part of Amaranthe’s first two releases, including the massively successful ‘Nexus’ Album released in 2013.  In 2014 Andy parted ways with Amarnathe to venture into new musical ventures and as a result he has anew band called Camodi.  Check out the info from the press release below about the band’s new EP Dead As Yesterday and then go give the band a listen on Spotify or iTunes!

During the recordings of the Within Y album “Silence Conquers” Andy Solveström calledweb80a his longtime friend Niclas Bergstrand and asked if was interested in recording vocals on a couple of tracks for the album. A few days later the idea of Camodi was born.  With Niclas´Tool-influenced vocals and melancholic melodies mixed with Andy’s metal-influenced riffs and growls a perfect chemistry was found.  Camodi has the melancholic choruses from bands like Alexisonfire and the powerful riffs from genres as rock, punk and metal. As topping you get the distinct drumming of Morten Loewe Sorensen (Amaranthe, Mercenary, Submission). Dead As Yesterday is recorded and produced by Andy Solveström, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen for Hansen Studios, Ribe Denmark.
Release date is set to 2015-01-28 and will be released as a digital EP worldwide.
Dead As Yesterday track list:
01. Broken Wings
02. Dead As Yesterday
03. Weakened
04. Together As One
05. Drowning
Follow Camodi here http://www.facebook.com/camodimusic
Press contact camodimusic@gmail.com

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