Album Review: KEEPER / SEA BASTARD Split

K_SBartwork copy

By: Alex Phillips

Label: Dry Cough Records

Available: January 31

Official Website:



Do you enjoy obscure split albums by doom bands whose tempo just outpaces glaciation? Whose low-end sound brings immediate relief for constipation and kidney stones? Whose recordings are available via limited edition cassette release from a label you’ve never heard of? Then you’re in luck, because this Keeper / Sea Bastard split is exactly what you’re looking for.


Keeper, an up-and-coming two-man doom outfit from California, provide the first track, “777,” fourteen minutes of agonizingly slow churning and screaming. The band hasn’t released an album yet, but when they do, it will hurt. Brighton, England, based Sea Bastard slow the pace even more with their song “Astral Rebirth,” prolonging the beating by another twenty-one minutes. (The two songs clock in at a combined thirty-four minutes forty-nine seconds—might be a little too short for a doom split.)


Not the easiest music to listen to—definitely for connoisseurs of patient doom, the kind of doom that takes its time beating you into submission. It’s the kind of doom that makes the perfect soundtrack for conquering a rival, such as when I go to war against a weak empire in the game Civilization IV: let the heavy bombardments begin.

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