Music Review: Albez Duz CD: The Coming of Mictlan


By: Praxilla

Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

Available: Now

Official Website:



Taking their name from the Old Germanic for “Swan” and “Noisiness”, since their self-titled 2009 debut Albez Duz has been crafting a sound that is a double dose of tragic beauty and infinite chaos.

On their sophomore release “The Coming of Mictlan”, Albez Duz invoke the Gothic Metal god himself, summoning the voice of Peter Steele into the flesh of frontman Alfonso Brit Lopez, who wields his instrument with both harsh and (mostly) clean passages to an ambiance that is the perfect symbiosis between Type O Negative and Novembers Doom. “The Coming of Mictlan” is melancholic Dark Metal that is neither wholly Gothic nor wholly Extreme, but rather somewhere in between. Expect slow-drudging compositions packed with emotive solo riffs as well organs and bell choirs. Fans of Moonspell and The Foreshadowing will also appreciate.

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