Album Review: PULVIS ET UMBRA CD: Implosion of Pain


By: Alex Phillips

Label: Pavement Entertainment

Available: Now

Official Website:


An implosion of pain sounds, well, painful. It reminds me of the word “sequestration,” which suggests a horrible pinching sensation, and is a fitting description for that dirty trick in US politics whereby money was cut from vital programs and given over to killing people in other countries. I imagine an implosion of pain is what you would feel if an enraged construction worker blasted your balls up into your body cavity on his steel-toed boot and then thrusted his pelvis in celebration. I am talking about a heavy metal album, remember?


For the most part, Implosion of Pain delivers what it promises—skip the intro track and launch yourself into a solid album of thrashy death metal that veers into unexpected moments of blastbeaten grind and calm passages of sitar, before the rapid-fire vocals shred your face. Italian guitarist Damy Mojitodka composed and performed all songs on Implosion of Pain, keeping with the popular “one-man band” movement.

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