Music Review: Repulsor CD: Trapped in a Nightmare



Label: Thrashing Madness

Available: Now

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Old School metal…I’ll admit I am a sucker for it.  I think it captures all that is best of the metal genre and I am always happy to review bands that try to capture that feel.  So, when I received in the mail the promo ‘Trapped in a Nightmare’ by Polish thrashers Repulsor who claim to be a trio of old school metal fanatics I was happy to pop this baby in my CD player and hear what the band had to offer!

So what does Repulsor’s ‘Trapped in a Nightmare’ bring to the metal table?  Well if you are a fan of the early metal sound of the 80’s, say from around 1980-1984, but with a more aggressive thrash attitude then this album will be a dream come true.

‘Trapped in a Nightmare’ boasts six songs, one of which is a Spanish guitar sounding instrumental, of some pretty rocking thrash tunes.  Repulsor sounds a bit like a mix of Venom, Vader and a few older thrash bands from the early 80’s.  I think the band has many of the elements needed to be very successful with the hardcore thrash fans, as they have the attitude and aggression the music dictates.

From a songwriting standpoint, I feel for their genre they hit things right but for me, some of the songs seemed a bit too chaotic.  However the last song on the album, ‘Stained Heritage’ shows what I hope, is more of what Repulsor has to offer in the future.  I feel this song really showcases what this band can really do.  It is well composed, has some cool hooks and is what can be considered a classic thrash song.  Whereas there is one song on the album that seems to sound like 3-4 different songs that make it hard to listen to.

So ‘Trapped in a Nightmare’ is what I think old school fans of thrash metal can really enjoy but it can also be a learning tool for the band themselves to look to and see if they want to broaden their audience, as the album holds the key to that as well.

Rating: 3/5

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