Music Review: Tourniquet CD: Onward to Freedom


By: Scott Foster

Label: Independent

Available: November 11, 2014

Official Websites

In 1990 Christian metal band Tourniquet hit the scene, and it was good. Founding member Ted Kirkpatrick is an amazing drummer and clever lyricist. The music stands up well, and I think shows in that the band managed to crank out a steady stream of albums until about 2003. The band took an apparent hiatus until 2012 and then released an album that was all about animal cruelty. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals, having rescued 2 cats and a dog. I could just do without the preachiness when I go to listen to a metal album.


Still, when the Kickstarter for the next album was announced in 2013 I backed it as it promised a variety of guest artists. And it did deliver on that. Among contributers to this album are Ed Asner, Dug Pinnick, and Chris Poland. I should also mention, Tourniquet members Luke Easter and Aaron Guerra are listed as guests on this album as well. So, is this a Tourniquet album or a Ted Kirkpatrick solo album? Ted offers up a convoluted non-answer in which he says “both.” Ok then.


Musically, I dig the album. It’s got the metal rhythms and riffs that I’ve come to expect on a Tourniquet album. But man, the lyrics. Here we go, another album all about animal cruelty. And sadly, the message isn’t even that well delivered. It’s pretty ham-fisted. We’ve got one song about wanting to adopt a puppy but waiting too long so the dog is euthanized. Really? I’ve got a soft spot for animals, and even I’m rolling my eyes at this point. Another track “challenges” the listener as to whether they would still eat meat if they had to do the killing. Yes, yes I would.


Fortunately, I still have my old Tourniquet albums to listen to. Great music aside, the clumsy proselytizing in what seems to be the norm for the latest offerings has turned me off.





Ted Kirkpatrick – Drums

Luke Easter – Vocals

Aaron Guerra – Vocals

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