Music review Gormathon CD: Following The Beast


By: Callum (CJ) Lavender

Label: Napalm Records

Available: 26th September 2014

Official Website:


Truth be known I really wanted to write this review before the album came out. But I was either busy, had a short attention span or something came up. All in all I’ve been procrastinating up until now. Still I have no idea what it was but there was something about Gormathon that was attracting me to them (this is my first time hearing them). So now better late than never I can finally find out why this band has the presence that draws me in.


The songs I enjoyed and recommend the most are: ‘Land Of The Lost’, ‘Celestial Warrior’, ‘In Benevolence’, and ‘Absence Of Trust’


The things I enjoyed most are about the album is that the guitar work here is excellent, both the rhythm and lead guitars are not simple but then they don’t go over the top either. And the lead guitars do not go on for hours like other lead guitarist tend to do, here the guitarists keep both their riffs and solo’s focused and it gets to the point, I really do applaud them for that. It also has great drum work to; I do tip my hat of to the drummer especially for not using gravity blasts. I’m not going to lie the first couple of times I heard the growling vocals it took some getting use to but after that if fits in with the music perfectly. I don’t know if it’s the same person singing all the vocal parts but the vocals here are great as well weather it’s for the growling or melodic chorus’s. The lyrics are also well written; with words like “we are living in the land of the living, we are living in the land of the lost” this band really does speak the truth in many areas. Most of the songs more or less sound the same and yet they have still managed to keep it interesting. Some of the songs use the occasional different idea to keep it flowing, these are mainly used on some of the intros but they still work. I really do like and appreciate the song lengths in this album averaging to about 4 minutes a piece, I personally think that that is a good move because like I said it keeps the focus and sticks to the point especially with an album with 12 songs. A lot of bands that release albums with 10+ songs tend to make the mistake of having each song the length of an opera with results in people loosing a lot of interest by the time they’ve reached the halfway point… well that’s what happens to me a lot personally. I’m just very happy to see that this band got a lot of things right here.


Can’t really find anything that I don’t like about the album here other than the fact that I wouldn’t call this the ‘greatest album ever made’ and as much as I like it I don’t see myself listening to it 10 times in a row. Although I thought the same with vintersorg but their 5th track of the latest album I can’t get enough of.


But still it doesn’t stop it from being a really great album. It’s everything people expect from a classic metal album with a slight hint of modernism. If you haven’t already be sure to pick this album up, I couldn’t help but really head bang a lot to this one.


Rating: 4.75/5

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