Music Review: Crobot CD: Something Supernatural


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Label: Nuclear Blast

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Nuclear Blast Records are well known in the metal community for being one of the top tier record labels that have really been very supportive of their bands and during the dark ages, the 1990’s, they were the label that really helped new bands get the support they needed and older bands to still have a place in a very non-metal world.  As the years have went on Nuclear Blast have solidified their place as one most diverse record labels for metal bands and also as a label that branches out and tries to support talented bands that may not be metal in the strictest since but are still rock oriented.  This brings us to the band Crobot.

Hailing from Pennsylvania, this 60’s inspired groove heavy band delves deep into their influences that range from Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and more and pour them out on ‘Something Supernatural’.  The heavy doomy riffs that made Black Sabbath so famous I think, musically, is what Crobot will sound the most like, with some deviation, while the vocals are a little more upbeat than Sabbath’s stuff.  Vocally they are probably a little more like Robert Plant in terms of energy.  And as much as I hate to say something like this, Crobot even reminds me a bit of Space Hog and I hated that band.  I think maybe it is because they both tap into a bit of retro 60’s & 70’s vibe.  Please Crobot, don’t turn into Space Hog.

Lyrically, Crobot, like many bands of their ilk focus on mysticism, occultism, new age philosophies and sci-fi themes for their lyrics and subject matter.  Fucking hippies!  However I feel while listening to Crobot that the musical content instead of the lyrics were more of the showcase here.  This isn’t always a bad thing and in Crobot’s case doesn’t hurt the band as the band is filled with very talented people that put together very nice 60’s styled groove rock/bluesy stoner music.  You can turn on ‘Something Supernatural’ and kind of just drift off and let the music do its job, along with the LSD.

I applaud Crobot for ‘Something Supernatural’ as they apparently were able to get a Tardis and go back to the 60’s and spend some time there and  get the feel of that time because this album does a good job of capturing that time period but also sounding fresh.

If my sister was still a pot head and hanging Grateful Dead black light posters in her room today, I think she would smoke a bowl and spin ‘Something Supernatural’ as she passes out into a dirty hippie dope haze and later claim she had some kind of spiritual journey.  To which I would laugh of course, tell her to shower and then tell dad that she stole his stash of weed again.

Rating: 4/5

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