Music review: Circuitry CD: Circuitry


By: Callum (CJ) Lavender

Label: Unsigned

Available: 4th November 2014

Official Website:


So here is a another completely unsigned band that will soon be releasing their debut album. A bit unclear about how many band members there are. The press release says there are only 3 but their websites say there are 5, either way lets take a look and see what we have.

The songs that I enjoyed the most and recommend are: ‘Horizon’ and ‘Perfect Vision’.


The things that I liked most about the album is the artwork, it’s very… eye catching (see what I did there). But more importantly the guitar and drum work here is very good and they really do fit perfectly together. Song’s like ‘Horizon’ are a nice change of paste after listening to the first few songs and I have to say I find the second half of the album better than the first.


The things I didn’t like about the album were mainly the first half. I’m sorry to say but after the first song (which is ok) it did kind of become a chore to sit through. But as I said the second half picked it up again. The second big annoyance is (and those who have read my previous stuff before will know what I am about to say) the gravity blasts. This may fall upon deaf ears but metal bands please stop with the gravity blasts. There are a few rare exceptions where it works but for the most part it’s completely un needed.


The things that I am having mixed views on are the vocals. Sometimes I like it but other times I don’t. Also the mixing on this album is a little bit off. I know this is an unsigned band and they did very well without official label help to craft this album (god knows I struggle with that with my own stuff), but next time it could use a bit of improving. Most songs do tend to sound the same; which can go both ways, but in this case in my opinion it’s not a good thing for me.


So my overall thoughts are as the British say: it’s not my cup of tea (not that I drink tea) but musically its solid and the guys are very talented. If this is the kind of metal your into then be sure to pick it up, I’m sure these new comers will appreciate the support.


Rating: 3/5

One thought on “Music review: Circuitry CD: Circuitry”

  1. Dude, Circuitry is all the guys from Periphery, plus some. Def not new comers. They are literally mixing professionals. Theyre basically a metal supergroup.

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