EP Review: NADER SADEK The Malefic: Chapter III


By: Alex Phillips

Label: Self-Released

Available: November 3

Official Websites:



Supergroups? In general I say, “No thanks.” Most of them you can write off as one-time aberrations. The music isn’t memorable. They so rarely get the right mix of musicians and styles. Oh, but wait, this is Nader Sadek, featuring the best talent from bands like Death, Cryptopsy, Aura Noir, and Cattle Decapitation, with contributions from Andreas Kisser of Sepultura, Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse, and Carmen Simoes of Ava Inferi, tied together under the demented artistic direction of Egyptian visual artist Nader Sadek (who has worked with the likes of Mayhem). Yes, please. Jesus God almighty, yes.

Though clocking in just shy of 22 minutes, The Malefic: Chapter III has the feel of a full-length album. This is fine death metal the way a powerful cigar will wreck your lungs without you even realizing it, if I may make a crude analogy. The vocal performance of Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation) comes across as especially brutal. Where most death metal vocalists just grunt or shriek or Cookie Monster their way through songs, Ryan absolutely devastates the mic with noise that must come from some nether realm from beyond the diaphragm.


And I don’t know how Nader Sadek gets his musicians to collaborate so fluidly, but they work perfectly together. Across these four tracks, the music ranges from the blistering death metal of “Deformation by Incision” and “Carrion Whispers” to the haunting and heavy doom of “Descent”. My only complaint? Chapter III isn’t long enough. But this is also a good thing: it leaves you wanting more—and there will be more to come.


The Malefic: Chapter III will be available in the US as a free insert in Decibel Magazine #122, the UK in Terrorizer #254, and Germany in Legacy Magazine #94. In December the album will be released in digital format. Chapter III will eventually be re-released, along with Chapters I and II, as part of a series of graphic novels.

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