Music Review: Exodus CD: Blood In, Blood Out

Exodus - Blood In, Blood Out - Artwork

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Label: Nuclear Blast

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Ahhh, the mighty Exodus has decided to unleash new album upon us!  Now before I go further, I have to admit I am a moderate Exodus fan.  By that I mean, I know the band, their material and own some of their material but I was never a diehard Exodus fan.  Not because I did not like their music but just because I guess some things never fell that way for me.  However I do like Exodus and think they deliver solid hitting material and I am always happy to see what new stuff the band will bring to the table.

Now, we have ‘Blood In, Blood Out’ which features the return of Steve Sousa back on vocals after Rob Dukes has parted ways with the band after nine years.  I know many people liked Dukes on vocals but I believe many fans were also happy to see Sousa return and me personally I am happy to see Steve back as well as he has a certain ‘snarl’ and petulance to his voice, that give Exodus a uniqueness among other thrash acts and I loved him on ‘Tempo of the Damned’ which I feel is one of the best Exodus albums.

So how is this new coming so to speak of Exodus?  Well I have to say I really like ‘Blood In, Blood Out’ and Steve hasn’t lost a step in the vocal department at all.  He still has that angry voice that also sounds like an angry teenager getting pissed off at the world and throwing a tantrum.  Gary Holt, the other mainstay of the band, still delivers great guitar work and whips out some great leads on the album and there are several songs on this album that should go down as Exodus classics.

Songs like ‘Salt the Wound’, ‘My Last Nerve’ and ‘Collateral Damage’ come off as what I think are classic Exodus songs and showcase the band at their best on this album.

Exodus deliver up a classic thrash album for their fans with the return of Sousa on vocals and it is good to hear him again.  While I am still partial to ‘Tempo of the Damned’ I think even if you are not a do or die Exodus fan ‘Blood In, Blood out’ is still an album that you should support as the album delivers a great thrash experience and some great songs that any metal head should be able to tear some shit up to.  Just don’t go quoting any lyrics on Facebook if you live in Kentucky.

As a side note…I wonder if we can get these guys back at Studio 54 to play some tunes…you know…for Disco…

Rating: 3.75/5

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