MOVIES: 31 Days of Halloween Horror; Week 1

31 days of halloween

Week 1


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Ok, so this is my first 31 days of Halloween movie marathon.  Instead of updating every day I felt I would post a brief weekly summary of the movies I watched for the week.  So with that in mind let’s kick this Pig!!!

Last Exorcism 1


Day 1: The Last Exorcism- Ok this movie caught a lot of shit when it came out because of the last 15 seconds of the film.  Honestly the people who think the last few seconds of this film ruined the whole film are not really appreciating the film as a whole.  The story revolves around an ‘exorcist’ who confesses he has just been a fraud but wanted to show to a film crew the trick of the trade so people in the future will not be suckered by fake preachers.  So, the preacher and film crew take one last assignment and travel to a far out farm where a girl is being tormented by a supposed demon.  As the preacher does his ‘thing’ it becomes more and more apparent that just because he doesn’t believe in demons doesn’t mean they don’t exist.



Day 2: The Vanishing- Little did I know I had seen a remake of this film that starred Jeff ‘The Dude’ Bridges and Keifer ‘Lost Boy’ Sutherland.  The one I saw is considered the better of the two films with a more bone chilling ending.  What happens a man and his wife stop at a rest stop and when she goes to buy some Cokes she never return’s.  This sets the man on a three year quest to find out what happened to his wife.  The killer sees the man on TV and gathers the courage to meet the man finally and offers to show him what happened to his wife.  I found this movie played out a lot like the remake with the exception of the ending.  I’m also going to call BULLSHIT on this movie.  The movie was good but the praise it gets for the ending is crap.  Not so much for the ending itself but the way the ending was reached.  Whatever.


Day 3: Frayed- Well this one is a bit all over the place.  At first it reminded me a lot of Halloween, with a killer escaping from a mental ward with a clown mask thing.  Also this movie is one that I kind of had an idea what was going on and could kind of predict but the logic the movie employed during its running time is what really pissed me off.  That is until the ending, which made everything else make more sense and the reasoning behind everything is truly horrifying, but it just wasn’t enough to save the movie after annoying me for so long before the ending.


Day 4: Zombieland: After watching two clunkers I wanted to watch a horror/comedy.  The previous two I had never seen before however I saw Zombieland in theaters and once or twice since.  I like Zombieland and think it is a good movie.  It has a solid cast and good humor along with good gore and zombies.  However, I notice as I watch Zombieland after multiple viewings is that it doesn’t hold my attention like it used to.  It isn’t a bad movie and I highly recommend you watch it if you haven’t but I think before I watch it again I will wait for my current box of Twinkies to go bad.


Day 5: Triangle- Ok this move involves a group of people getting hit by a storm at sea then boarding a ghost ship and shit getting repeated like Groundhog Day.  Again this was one I could kind of figure out what was going on but it was also engaging.  You have a protagonist that has some issues going on with her son and the knight in shining armor trying to save her by inviting her to go out sailing with him and some friends.  The set sail and like the SS Minnow get caught in a storm, boat gets swamped and like an episode of Dr. Who we get caught in a time loop.  The story is ok and like I said it is engaging and worth a watch if just to kill time.


Day 6: Vacancy- This movie is one I kind of criticized more than I should have when it came out.  My main criticism was that I felt the movie tried to ‘show’ too much in terms of who the bad guy was and what was going on.  I wanted it to be a little more murky and mysterious as to why and who it was that was doing the stuff to the couple in the movie.  Starring Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson as a trouble married couple, Vacancy places our protagonists out along the back roads of California where they end up having to stay in a seedy motel that makes my home in Jamestown look contemporary.  What happens next, is that our couple finds themselves trapped in a impromptu snuff film.  After watching the second time I really appreciate Vacancy much more and while I still wished things weren’t revealed SO much I think I was harder on the movie than I should have been.  Probably the best movie out of this first seven and highly recommended.


Day 7: Corridor– Seems like my theme with many of these movies deal with mental trauma and Corridor is no different.   A group of friends set aside a weekend with a friend who years previously snapped, attacked them and got committed to the loony bin.  This weekend, said friend gets released and they all retreat to a cabin out in the snowy wastes to have fun and celebrate.  Problem is, a couple of these friends are dicks, which is amplified by what they discover in the woods close to a radio tower, which ultimately was the reason that led to the friend getting committed years prior.  The story links together, one human mind collective, the internet and radio signals…and people going batshit crazy.  It was…ok.

So in conclusion for my first week of horror viewing, I would pick Vacancy as the best of the group though The Last Exorcism is excellent as well and highly recommended.  Zombieland is good but it has grown long in the tooth for me.  The other flicks are passable, they are nothing special overall but you could do worse.

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