Music Review Amaranthe CD: Massive Addictive


By: Callum (CJ) Lavender

Label: Spinefarm Records

Available: 21st October 2014

Official Website:


Opening note: Amaranthe endorses no one at skull banger media in any way. Fowler has done interviews with the band and he played one of their songs by them on his old radio show for vbnav. When I heard that they were playing in my town (Nottingham UK) earlier this year that one song I knew (the nexus) was more than enough to make me want to pay and go and I’m glad I did. Nope, no one is bios towards Amaranthe it’s just nice to have a well-defined modern metal band during this difficult time for music.


There’s no need to pick a favorite song and I will explain why.


Everything about their latest album is more or less perfect and I’m not just talking about the awesome sounds and lyrics. Amaranthe are the band that has found the perfect balance or mixing all sorts of different concepts into one genre. They fuse all the best eras of rock and metal together to create professional quality music and meaningful/catchy lyrics, as the old saying goes the proof is in the pudding (or in this case the music). Not only that but with the latest release they have gone one step further and fused together even more concepts including dance (bit like Ex-None), Dub step, pop, experimental and you know what… It still works!


What’s more amazing is that for the first time since joining the skull banger team I have not found one thing with this album that I don’t like. The moment you press play you instantly enjoy everything about the album and you don’t skip a single song. Now tell me how hard is that to come by these days?!


Quick review of the live show (if anyone’s interested): The show was simply great, even for people like me who didn’t know the songs that well. The band looked and sounded liked they just jumped out of a video game. The musicians know how to play and the singers know how to entertain “someone lost a fake breast, did anyone loose a fake penis or something?!” ha-ha. And when Elize says the live album of that show is coming you can bet your bottom dollar I’m looking forward to that. Oh and she also says Nottingham looks exactly like Sweden which is awesome.


I was a little concerned that it had only been a year and a half since the last album and I don’t know how they’ve done it but with all that in mind I am proud to give my first perfect rating. As I said it’s not because I am a bios fan but because it’s an amazing quality album that deserves it. I’m willing to place any bets that people will agree with me when I say that even non-amaranthe fans and non-metal fans will instantly love this album.


Rating: 5/5

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