Music Review Alunah CD: Awakening The Forest


By: Callum (CJ) Lavender

Label: Napalm Records

Available: 3rd October 2014


Here’s another thing that caught my eye, a band labeled as doom metal. Wasn’t overly familiar with doom genre besides a bit of Black Sabbath. Not a great deal here to talk about because it’s pure simplicity without gimmicks.


The things I liked about the album are the very basicness of everything. Nice basic sound, nice basic playing, nice basic mix, lovely vocals and well paste story driven lyrics.


There’s nothing really that I didn’t like about the album but the important thing is that its not your standard metal album. None of the usual 200bpm, long solos and high-pitched voices. It’s not the type of album that most metal fans are going to listen to everyday; you really have to be in a certain mood for it in my opinion.


So on the whole it doesn’t break any new ground, its very basic but it can be very pleasant (if that’s the right word to use). It is a type of album that you should pick up if you are in that type of mood, like sitting alone in a dark room and listening to something easy and heartfelt… especially since Halloween is coming up.


Rating: 3.5/5


Check out the audio interview (thank you Soph Day and Jon Freeman):

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