Music Review: Party Cannon: CD: Partied in Half


By: Scott Foster

Label: Gore House

Available: September 16, 2014

Official Websites

Party Cannon. A death metal band. Let me say that again. Party. Cannon. Doesn’t sound very…deathy. The bright colors of the band logo don’t really seem like it either. Now, I’ve stated before that death metal isn’t really my thing, but come on! Party Cannon! And it’s kind of nice to see a death metal band come along that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Am I sure they don’t take themselves too seriously? Well, they list “Jurassic Park on VHS” as an influence and the songs are broken up by clips from movies such as Superbad and Napolean Dynamite.

OK, aside from the light hearted front the band seems to present, Party Cannon winds up being a serious death metal band. OK, ignore the track titles. The album is full of blast beats, growls and screams, and heavy guitar riffs. And pinch harmonics that were a bit annoying at first, but less so after a few listens. I’m going to go ahead and assume the lyrics maintain the light hearted dissonance of the track titles (I mean, look at them. High Five Ghost. There’s a Reason You’re Single.) but, like other death metal bands, I can’t understand a damn word they’re saying.

Anyhow, if you’re a death metal fan, Party Cannon would probably be an album you should check out.




Chris “Prey” Ryan – Bass

Mike “The Beast” McLaughlin – Guitar

Martin “Abs” Gazur – Drums

Stony “Fukass” Reddie – Vocals

Craig “Cyborg Installation 101” Robinson – Guitar

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