Album Review: BEYOND THE GRAVE CD: The Human Tide


By: Alex Phillips

Label: Self-Released

Available: Now


Hailing from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in England, Beyond the Grave’s The Human Tide ranks as one of the strongest self-produced albums I’ve heard in some time. Though the band hasn’t released new material in several years, if the quality of The Human Tide is any indication, Beyond the Grave has a bright future.

The Human Tide, at first listen, seems to be a straightforward traditional metal album. But then you hear touches of melodeath, thrash (“By the Light of a Setting Sun”), and power metal, combined with clean singing and guttural vocals, aggressive blast beats, and even acoustic flourishes (“Dead by September”). The end result is a well-balanced collection of songs that doesn’t overpower the listener with heavy-handed flogging of one genre over another. The band even forays into an eastern-influenced sitar-and-drums interlude that provides a welcome respite from the otherwise brutal sonic assault.


It’s not an easy task for a band stand out, given the sheer number of subpar bands out there. Beyond the Grave not only stands out, but screams for your attention. At album’s end, “Before My Eyes” and “No Time to Bleed” solidify the band’s standing as one of the best unsigned acts waiting to be discovered and embraced in the metal community. Give them a chance—you won’t be disappointed.

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