SNOWY SHAW: Full Live DVD/CD Details Revealed !


Snowy Shaw has revealed today full details about his upcoming LIVE DVD/CD double pack release “The Liveshow: 25 Years Of Madness In The Name Of Metal”.

The Live DVD/CD has a release date set for September 26, 2014 and will be released through Wunderwurld Music.

“The Liveshow” DVD/CD includes more than 3 hours of amazing, high quality material, recorded on two special theatrical shows, and featuring very special guests from KING DIAMOND,MERCYFUL FATE, MEMENTO MORI, ILLWILL, OPERA DIABOLICUS and Snowy’s backing band featuring lead guitarist Kristian Niemann (THERION), Mannequin De Sade III (NOTRE DAME, ENGEL), Mark U Black (DREAM EVIL) and Vikki Valkyrie (ICE AGE). “The Liveshow” has a one of a kind track listing, as except playing own originals, SNOWY SHAW performed with his band all his personal favorites from his former bands, incl. classics such as “Eye Of The Witch”, “Halloween” and “Sleepless Nights” (KING DIAMOND), “Evil” and “Black Funeral” (MERCYFUL FATE), “The Book Of Heavy Metal” (DREAM EVIL), “To Mega Therion” (THERION) or “The Serpentine Offering” (DIMMU BORGIR) and a helluva lot more, in a truly theatrical way.

“The Liveshow” video trailer:

The DVD artwork :

The recordings took place during 2 live-shows :
May 27, 2011 – Brewhouse – Gothenburg – Sweden
Nov 3, 2012 – Sparbankshallen – Varberg – Sweden

Filmed by :
Patric Ullaeus Of Revolver Film Company and Rino Hemstad & Co.
Music mixed and mastered by :
Andy La Rocque & Snowy Shaw at Sonic Train Studios

Special Guests :
Andy LaRocque
Michael Denner
Mike Wead
Gus G.
Mats Levén
Hal Patino
Thomas Vikström
Pete Black
Kee Marcello
Nyfiken Gul
David Grimoire & Adrian De Crow (Opera Diabolicus)
Mary Ann Cotton
Simon Roxx

Track list DVD :
01. Dracula Sucks!
02. Munsters
03. Typhon
04. Book Of Heavy Metal
05. Black Funeral
06. Halloween
07. Whether With Or Without
08. Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse
09. Seeds Of Hatred + drum solo
10. I Want You To Want Me.
01. Serpentine Offering
02. Blacksmith & Co
03. Man Or Mouse
04. Bouffon Bloody Bouffon
05. Eye Of The Witch
06. Sleepless Nights
07. Fire!
08. Welcome Home
09. The Medley
10. Evil
· behind the scenes
· interviews

Track list CD (different than the DVD):
01. Singh Hai
02. Come To The / Sabbat
03. The Fashionista
04. The Dimmu Medley
05. Unguentum Sabbati
06. Dusk + Le Theatre Du Vampire
07. The Book Of Heavy Metal
08. Typhon / Drum solo
09. Vlad The Impaler
10. To Mega Therion
11. Blood Countess Bathory

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The Netherlands
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One thought on “SNOWY SHAW: Full Live DVD/CD Details Revealed !”

  1. It would be nice to get all his song such as krampus,alcoholocaust,nachgeist,and all the rest on one cd that is not live if it is possible i would but one!

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