Music Review: Perturbator CD: Dangerous Days


Available: NOW

Label: Blood Music

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                This review is going to be outside the mold a bit for Skullbanger.  Typically I do not review a band that is not somehow affiliated with metal or that is pure synth based.  However for this I will make an exception for Pertubator as their music is firmly entrenched in the dark synth music of 80’s horror and sci-fi which does fit the theme of my site.

                Perturbator’s new album ‘Dangerous Days’ was released several months ago and due to my hectic summer schedule I am just now getting around to reviewing the album.  Better late than never I suppose.  As mentioned, Perturbator draw much of their influence from the 80’s soundtracks of b-movie horror and sci-fi. Pure synth fueled neon here folks.  Due to this influence the music isn’t as pop oriented as much of the 80’s synth was but dark and moody while also still catchy and entrancing.

                I just recently got a mobile MP3 player and ‘Dangerous Days’ was the first thing I listened to on it so I could give the album a proper review.  I feel the music on ‘Dangerous Days’ is so immersive that as I walked to the grocery store listening to the album I felt like I was in a 80’s movie and the soundtrack was playing out a story of my trip to the grocery store. Read that people, PLAYING OUT A STORY OF MY WALK TO THE GROCERY STORE.  I mean if an album can make something like that epic it has to be good.  This album is that immersive and thematic in the music it showcases.  It’s dark, it’s brooding and it’s wonderful.

                While I know some metal heads scoff at keyboards and will probably give me shit for covering a band like Perturbator. I will counter their argument by saying this band captures more of a metal feel than a lot of metal bands today do in terms of the atmosphere Perturbator captures in their music.  In this I consider Perturbator and their new album ‘Dangerous Days’ just as metal as some of the most elite metal bands out there.  Great stuff.  Time to go watch Terminator and Blade Runner.

Rating: 4.5/5

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