Music Review: Edge of Paradise CD: Immortal Waltz

By: Dennis M.
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Available: FALL of 2014
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Edge Of Paradise’s superb new CD IMMORTAL WALTZ and yes, Michael Wagener is king.  

Edge Of Paradise has been spreading the buzz about their anticipated new album, Immortal Waltz. I’ve been seeing a lot of posts regarding their collaboration with the legendary Michael Wagener who produced and mixed the CD. Of course I’m familiar with his work with bands such as Skid Row, Metallica and Ozzy, to name a few, and hearing this new band’s CD ‘Immortal Waltz’ I am reminded about the true greatness about Wagener’s work.

I’m one of a few lucky music fanatics to be the first to hear the sophomore release by Edge OF Paradise, due sometime this fall (according to the band’s website) and I was blown away by the whole CD on many levels, and mind you, the CD consists of only eight tracks. Now before I had the chance to frown upon the number of songs, as I’m used to seeing at least ten in today’s releases, I must say, I loved every song on the that record, and I almost never catch myself thinking that! So I had no problem settling for a solid track list with no fillers.

Every song struck me in a different way, and if I go into each one, I’m afraid, I will be writing this all week. So Instead of talking about this, I’m just telling you, you have to hear this for yourself!

Let’s talk about the frontwoman, the beautiful Margarita Monet. Her voice is so unique and sultry, it’s addicting (as are her looks)! The girl’s range is unbelievable and I believe, plays a big role in the dynamics of the song. Miss Monet really knows how to bring the heart of the song to the forefront. She exposes her soul in the striking tracks like “In A Dream” and “Ghost”, the heart wrenching ballad “Goodbye” or the title track “Immortal Waltz” (The title track in unlike anything I’ve ever heard, this just might be a favorite). Besides having an insane vocal range, her emotional range is very impressive as well, let’s just say, you will never get bored with the album!

The musicality of the songs are phenomenal as well, there is no question about the great talent of the band.
Hard to find a release today, where every aspect is truly great, one may have a great vocalist (Halestorm), or a great drummer or guitar player, but to have it all come together in one powerful sound, I name Edge Of Paradise one of the very few bands that truly accomplished that. And that brings me to Michael Wagener, the producer, or shall I say the wizard behind this incredible work.
What I’m trying to get at, is that it doesn’t sound like everything else that is out there, I can’t pin point an album or a band to say “they sound like _”. You do hear all the elements from rock and metal that we all love and headbang to, but maybe it’s the band’s unique sound and Wagener’s staple mix that makes it a winning combination. 
There is a lot of room in the songs for the instruments to play their role, everything lives in it’s own space but breathes together ( if my shot at poetic analogy makes any sense ). There is a lot of great stuff out there, that I love to rock out to, but Immortal Waltz accomplishes something more, and it’s hard to verbalize or pin point the magic about it, but one thing is for sure, Edge Of Paradise proved that they are here to dominate, and I will not be surprised when ‘Immortal Walt’ reserves it’s spot among the top albums worldwide.

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