Music Review Empire Auriga CD: Ascending The Solarthrone


By: Callum (CJ) Lavender


Available: 19th August 2014


Label: Moribund Records


Official Website:


Ok I’m going to start this of by asking… seriously?!… What the hell is this?! Before fans of this jump on me I understand that there is far worse music out there and that it’s reached commercial success of course I do, and I understand that this is a vision that someone really wanted to bring to life of course I do. But there’s only so much people can tolerate so again I ask seriously… what the hell is this?!


I didn’t enjoy one song at all and wouldn’t recommend any of them.


Now I will always give credit where credit is due and that is that it’s definitely something different (although there’s different done right and there’s different done plain wrong). And if the guitar sound had a lot of polish and not all these horrible sound effects it could have been a unique sound used for those old phycodelic/horror films I once read about but that’s really about it.


Let me explain what this horrible material is: every single track is absolute awful random guitar strumming with awful random screech’s thrown in, every single bloody song. I listened to a couple of them for about a minute and normally I listen to an album twice to be as fair as possible but after hearing this I couldn’t even bare to listen to all the songs all the way through at least once, I’m sorry to say it really is that bad. In fact I felt that it was so bad I had to listen to my little pony – friendship is magic songs to wash out the taste… I’m not fucking kidding (and yes I am a brony).


I am a musician myself and I’ll always be the first to admit that my songs are not as good as they could be but now I’ll admit it’s tons better than this. If the band has been able to make a successful living out of making ‘noise’ like this then I’m quitting my day job first thing tomorrow. I use to laugh when my college Scott Foster would review a bad album and make fun of it but now I understand the suffering he went through. If you’re a fan of this then fair enough each to there own but for everyone else unless you want to listen to thirty seconds of one of these songs to understand what I’m talking about I advice you to stay as far away from this record as possible. I’m sorry to have to say nasty things about other peoples work but you have to call it as you see it… and this is awful.


Rating: 1/5     

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