Music Review: Azarok CD: Origo

Azarok - Origo

Label: Stay Brutal / self-released


Available: Now






by: Juuso Viljanen



Finnish one man project Azarok is held together by mastermind E. Hereticius (look also for his other projects which are listed on Metal-Archives webpage, see the link above). This project has released quite a few demos, but also three full-length albums before ‘Origo’.
Genre is folkish black metal. By listening the album you can tell that mr. Hereticius has spent quite a few hours of listening to bands of the same genre. He has vision and skill to compose the songs. ‘Origo’ includes six songs and the duration of the album is about 53minutes. It begins with beautiful intro and then turns into raw folkish black metal experience. The last song, ‘Oodi’, is a bit over 20minutes long and quite a nice end for the album. Between the intro and the outro song you can hear almost anything from acoustic guitar picking to almost thrashy riffs.
This album has loads of great stuff in it, although it’s nothing that wouldn’t have been already heard.  ‘Origo’ is more about easy-going, some might even say beautiful, black metal than fast and brutal growling with blastbeats. I kind of hoped for more brutality, but I really like listening Azarok’s style metal.

I really like the use of flutes and mouth harp on the album. I’m a huge fan of ”traditional” instruments, so that’s probably why I’m not too excited about the drum machine on the album. But I understand the reasons for using drum machine. It’s much easier this way for one man projects to make the drums if you don’t have a real set, can’t get it recorded and can’t play it yourself.

Azarok’s newest album, ‘Origo’, is worth checking out for the already fans of the genre. It’s a fine album made by a man who seems to have infinite vision about music. ‘Origo’ is not the jackpot yet, but I’m pretty sure he’ll get there some day. Maybe with forthcoming album?



RATING:  3 / 5

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