Music Review: The Lurking Corpses CD: Workin’ for the Devil


Available: October 14th, 2014

Label: Hells Headbangers

Official Websites:


Talk about a band that is all over the place in terms of style.  The Lurking Corpses are a punk/thrash horror band that seem to try and cover a lot of different genres, especially vocally, while mostly settling on the Misfits b-movie theme overall.  Surprisingly, ‘Workin’ for the Devil’ doesn’t turn into a pile of utter shit because of this, as can usually be the case in such experiments. 

While I do believe The Lurking Corpses best talents are shown when they stick to the Misfits style song writing they do try to be a bit different on some songs.  The band ventures into black metal, death metal, thrash metal and vocally they seem to go between King Diamond, thrash metal and doo-wop (Misfits).  While I appreciate the band trying to spread their wings and hit different genres I just think overall it doesn’t work.  Again, while it doesn’t sink the album like the Titanic it also doesn’t seem to be something that will garner new listeners.  I did however really enjoy the b-movie horror themed things they did that resembled the Misfits.

I am not sure what The Lurking Corpses history is since this is my first exposure to them.  They may have always been a band that ventured into different genres or maybe this was a first time attempt.  If this was a first time attempt I applaud the effort but strongly feel they should stick to the punk/Misfits styled writing as I think the band has got a good thing going there and can make a name for themselves in that niche and maybe throw in just a pinch of the thrash guitars to set themselves apart.  Otherwise ‘Workin’ for the Devil’ is an album I think fans of punk/rockabilly and even thrash metal should give a listen to as it has some really fun tracks on it.

Rating: 3/5

Line Up:

-Lord Vladimir Von Ghoul – Felching of the Fowl, Coprophagic Tendencies
-Saint Legions the Six – Satanic Mechanic, Haunting of the Chapel
-Cousin Eerie – Face Melting Massacre
-Pharaoh Formaldehyde – Evil Undertones
-Friar Frightengale – Cannibal Cadences, Human Vivisection

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